Tower-Crane Projects


Project of activities


We prepare the necessary documentation of housing facilities to request the certificate of occupancy from 1st or 2nd occupancy to the competent authority


We issue all necessary scaffolding documentation to assure a safe place of work in the construction or repair of buildings


The execution of projects of a certain height, often require the installation of high altitude cranes, for this, we prepare all technical documentation as well as any necessary health and safety certification


The project will communicate to the Council that all legalities and health and safety requirements are being met


Health and Safety documents


Reports, assessments and certificates


Use and maintenance manual




We issue all necessary health and safety documentation for the execution of the project


We observe the circumstances, we offer our technical opinion and we record this on all the necessary technical documentation


The promoter of the property must prepare the use and maintenance manual prior the transfer of the property to another owner. We can collect all the data and prepare this documentation


All the necessary documents to legalize the property


Valuation of properties and ground


Planimetric survey


Project management




We provide and independent valuation based on real market value


We draw the actual building or grounds in its current state in order to get to know its geometry and to provide a technical document to future endeavours


We advise the promoter during the construction by offering independent quotes, planning and cost control


We certificate the energy efficiency qualification of your building, in order to sell it or rent it, according to current regulations.

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